Jianke Food Technology is a company focusing on protein and grain nutrition and health ingredients. The company was established in 2018, it was founded by Dr. Pan Guangjun, who worked at DuPont in the United States and Dr. Wang Zebin, an American overseas returnee who was the senior research fellow/research scientist of Purdue University.

Jianke Food is committed to building a leading of research and development, manufacturing, and sales of integrated protein ecological economy, focusing on the construction of core capabilities such as proteolytic hydrolysis and protein compounding. Jianke deeply cultivates the field of food, adhering to health as the forerunner.


Based on technology, we focus on product innovation and development to help enterprises achieve long-term business success.



CEO/General Manager

Education Experience: 

1995-1999: Bachelor of food science, Jiangnan University

2008-2009: MBA, Saint Louis University

Work Experience: 

Jianke Food Technology Co., LTD., CEO & Co-founder

ADM, Head of Protein and Savoury Business, Asia Pacific.

Dupont Nutrition and Health, Protein Division, Products Director

Henan Zhongda Biotechnology Co., LTD., General Manager


Education Experience: 

1998: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University

2001: Master of Biochemistry, Tsinghua University

2004: PhD in Food Engineering, Purdue University, USA

Work Experience: 

Jianke Food Technology Co., LTD., Co-founder

Heilongjiang Xinghe Biotechnology Co., LTD., R&D Director

Fulfill Food & Beverages, LLC. R&D Director

Postdoctoral Fellow in Food Engineering, DuPont Nutrition and Health, Protein Devision, USA

Senior Research Fellow/Research Scientist, Purdue University, USA